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Document Management System – Allows Storage of Files in a Safe Way

To execute any type of work it is necessary to get files organization. This is at all level that may be in personal level and professional front. Documents stored in a computer needs to be managed in a secured way. For this very sake, the digital document management system is introduced that helps users to get things done in a secure way.

Storage of document is facilitated on a server by the document converter software. This software works great to upload files on the server and get them secured with a password. The password security ensures that the software can be used to give total security to files that are being uploaded on the server. The users are given full-authority to take charge of a situation and open stored files or to download them at ease.

GA Technocare Technology has engineered this software that brings total control on uploaded files. The stored data cannot be replicated or downloaded. So, it gives full security from hackers and all attempts made to hack any document by hackers is muffled by this software. It leaves no scope of any potential breach of security. That is why this tool is so hugely trusted in the industry.

The uploading of document in done based on different categories. All types of files can be loaded that includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, PDF, Text, Images, Drawings, Audio, Video file and others. It has inbuilt systems that is used to capture additional information in the form of data. The software is very sophisticated and allows easy sharing of files using FTP protocols. So, professionals can easily share files with others with the help of this tool. There is email, SMS and other form of notifications to alert users.

Drag and drop facility of the digital document management system is great to be used. It allows upload of documents to take place very easily. Moreover, there is an advanced search option that allows easy location of files that are being uploaded on the DMS. Therefore, users of this tool do not find any problem in either upload or location of files.

This software plays a very active role in the sound management of files. It organizes documents in a smart way and keeps them safe with a password. Only users are given access to uploaded documents and the access rights remain highly confidential.

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