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the internet. It’s a bookstore.”

– Anonymous, 1994

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Develop SAAS Solutions and Enjoy Multiple Revenue Sources

Software as a Service, popularly known as SAAS is becoming really popular these days. Companies are subscribing to applications on a pay as you go basis. It saves them from upfront costs and the time to develop the software and simplifies management with improved productivity. Further, these SAAS solutions offer multi-tenant support, configurability, scalability, security and monitoring. Considering these factors, many companies are looking to migrate their existing software to SAAS platform or are developing innovative SAAS solutions that become a great source of revenue for them. Luckily, there is no lack of professional SAAS service companies today, which offer you the exact solution you are planning for your prospective customers.

A professional SAAS services company offers multiple SAAS services. They offer SAAS consulting, architectural consulting, development, build offline capabilities, office integration, SOA integration, testing, SAAS migration and much more. These companies ensure quick time-to-market and time-to-profitability with an enhanced brand value. They offer an on-demand product lifecycle management platform. They tune and optimize entire development process in SAAS Model and provide cutting-edge hardware, software, infrastructure technologies, security, customization, integration and much more. These companies have SAAS team proficient in technologies like Java, Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, Ruby on Rails, Python and Perl, LAMP and many others.

A professional SAAS services company reduces management complexity of a business. They help to free up a business’ IT personnel and budgets to focus on more business-critical functions. SAAS applications have greater availability to customers and ensure better accessibility for proper communication. A professional company in this field further employs accelerated software deployment models. They provide 24×7 monitoring and management services and involve best technologies, processes, and experts in the SAAS arena to create and maintain the best revenue generating solutions for any business. There is no upgrade chaos in SAAS solutions created by them. All the updates are continuous and keep running in the background, without hampering any functionality.

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