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Cybersecurity market trends – The Past, Present and the future

Cybersecurity market trends – The Past, Present and the future

Cybersecurity market trends – The Past, Present and the future

The privileges of digital transformation bring with them their fair share of cybersecurity risks. According to McKinsey, 47% of companies encountered cybersecurity breaches. This is serious considering the quantum of sensitive data being digitised today. Besides strong passwords and multifactor authentication, experts recommend an insurance too. Some experts say that cyber attacks are more dangerous than nuclear weapons.Keeping privacy private has become a hardwon luxury. So how did these cyber crimes evolve? Do we have enough resources to defend? Are companies future-proofing their data against these threats? Let’s discuss!

The Past: Evolution of cybercrimes

It all started with a failure project

Three decades ago the word cybersecurity did not exist in the IT vocabulary. It all started with an error created by a student of Cornell University in 1980. The project intended to measure the size of the internet by infecting UNIX systems. But an error made all the networks clog and systems crash. This was called the computer worm and is the world’s first cyberattack (though that wasn’t the intention).

“I Love You” Virus and the Mafia Boy

The 1990s introduced the world to more aggressive threats called viruses. Two viruses named “ILOVEYOU” and “The Melissa” had a front seat among the group of viruses. They made headlines for failing the email systems across the world. In 2000s, Michael Calce (a.k.a. Mafiaboy) attacked the e-commerce websites that cost the industry a whopping $1.2 billion. Followed by this was an era of credit card hacking and corporate data breaches. 

Yahoo Data Breach

Yahoo is the biggest victim of data breach in history which exposed over 3 billion accounts in just a year. Post this scandal, Yahoo had to sell the company for $4.48 billion, though it was once valued $100 billion. And now, we have reached a point where everything on the internet is at risk! 

The Present – What’s happening?

Let’s face the truth: Today’s solutions  are not sufficient! Current cybersecurity models don’t operate at cloud speed. Also, there’s a huge talent gap in the industry. Despite witnessing disasters like the Yahoo data breach and Capital one breach, over 60% of the companies don’t update their IT systems. Today, business can lose up to an average of $2 trillion per year due to cyber crimes. IoT insecurity is more threatening than phishing links. Gartner predicts connected devices en route to hit 25 billion in 2021. This equates to a titanic amounts of cyber risks. The entertainment industry is also facing big challenges as hackers leak the content before production companies itself. 

The Future: Cybersecurity business is the next big wave!

Where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity! Yes, Cybersecurity market is getting off the ground. Cyber Crimes have given birth to a whole ecosystem of cybersecurity startups. Companies started offering free cybersecurity software to secure future elections. The catch? Publicity! Just imagine advertising your software company to a whole country. Cybersecurity companies and the government are doing all the heavy lifting to prevent the damages that are estimated to hit $6 trillion in the next few years. This eventually creates a demand for talent which reflects on 3.5 million open positions by 2021. Besides human talent, cybersecurity would need tons of automation. Infact, the cybersecurity industry runs by less than 2% of humans. The rest is automated. The cybersecurity industry is also being empowered by technologies like AI and Blockchain. So the demand for cybersecurity would reflect on the AI, Robotics, automation and Blockchain technologies as well. Cybersecurity business seems to be the next big wave!

Cybersecurity stocks to watch

Digital transformation and cloud are making significant strides in the tech industry. This is one of the major reasons for making the cybersecurity market really lucrative. Here’s a list of top 3 Cyber Security stocks to watch in 2019:

  1. FireEye: The Milpitas-based start-up provides cybersecurity solutions for enterprises and governments. Founded in 2004, the 15-year-old company has hit a valuation of $2.69 billion (as of 2018). The unicorn has acquired over 7 startups and generates an annual revenue of $831 million dollars.
  2. Qualys: The Foster City-based company is providing cybersecurity solutions for cloud-based applications and data. The company has made over 3 acquisitions so far and is valued at $360.6 million. The company generates $289.4 million in revenue annually. 
  3. Fortinet: The Sunnyvale-based startup provides integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions. The company valuation has hit a whopping $14.03 billion and generates an annual revenue of $1.08 billion. Fortinet has made 11 acquisitions so far.

Wrapping it up,

Governments and corporations are starting to realize the importance of cybersecurity. Almost all the tech companies have decided on having cybersecurity expert as a board member. Though speculations suggest cyberwars in the future, countries are getting ready to defend. In fact, the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA has already launched its cybersecurity arm. Also the defence department is creating a Blockchain based cybersecurity shield. Tech giants in the U.S are dumping millions into the industry. New York which is the capital of Media and Finance is trying to become the cybersecurity capital as well. The future looks like a more secure place. 

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