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CRM profile enrichment requires more and effective automation

CRM profile enrichment requires more and effective automation

Profile enrichment is playing a more important role in CRM these days, but not all CRM systems are in a position to be supportive. Frequently, proper delivery of the data needed can only be achieved by closer integration between a CRM player and a specialist.

A profile enrichment application should be capable of analyzing literally billions of pieces of information to connect an individual’s separate online identities and create a rich, accurate lead profile. The more information that can be gleaned on a prospect, the more effectively a company can use that prospect in its sales process. Marketers and sales professionals want the ability to engage leads and spark conversations, ideally using marketing and CRM apps and workflows, but this is not always possible if a CRM application is not properly supported.

FullContact and have recently announced a partnership aimed at giving small and mid-sized businesses the tools to seamlessly integrate profile enrichment with dozens of CRM systems. This removes the perennial question: Will my CRM system support this?

“The partnership helps businesses carry out their marketing and sales operations more effectively,” says Ashok Gudibandia, CEO of Automate IO. “With more information about the prospect, sales teams save time researching prospects to focus on actually selling.”

The kind of integration the partnership is seeking to achieve enriches leads, users and subscribers as they enter CRM and marketing tools. Rather than relying on multiple systems and applications to access relevant information, teams can instantly gain a single identity resolution embedded into existing CRM workflows.

Audience-based triggers and applications can be applied to any lead or opportunity, to support campaigns and channel engagement and ultimately create more personalized experiences.
Such profile enrichment is not nearly as widely available as it could be.

According to FullContact, the new partnership – and others like it – will make this achievable on a much broader variety of marketing- and sales-related cloud applications.

Key Takeaways:

• Automation is going to become critical as companies manage larger volumes of data on each prospect within CRM systems.
• While there is much talk of the advantages of AI, it requires a high level of data volume. In turn, this implies automation and cross-application integration.
• Automate IO helps companies become more productive and agile by automating marketing, sales or any internal processes.
• FullContact creates customer intelligence APIs that help companies to unlock the benefits of understanding customers and prospects from a holistic perspective.

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