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Collaboration Device And Meeting Software – Meeting Wall

Nowadays every business industry is worried of their meetings. Because they are not getting expected results from their meetings, as a result around 30-40% their revenue is wasted. And also owners finding very difficulty to engage their employees and clients, it’s mainly because no proper way of conducting meetings.

Everyone don’t take it serious and they talk out of subject. By analyzing all these problems, computer experts and business developers found one best way to conduct sessions. And this scenario is encouraged to develop some very advanced and intelligent large interactive multi touch collaboration devices and some software’s to run meetings via web.

Following are the features of collaboration devices

  • More than one person can work at a time on big touch screen by sharing screen
  • into several interactive parts
  • They have inbuilt high resolution camera, quality speakers and projector and more
  • Use finger or stylus pen to operate on large screen
  • Share your data or presentation into collaboration device using either mobile,
  • tablet, laptop, desktop, download it from Google or use any other data sharing
  • medium
  • Setup meeting anywhere, anytime and work as you wish
  • Device will automatically save your sessions into cloud

I wrote aforementioned points after deep analysis of many collaboration devices. And I want to tell that which is the best white board or smart board. Yes!! of course Next Gen Multi Touch has released very advanced and affordable system compared to all other products. Which has awesome software and inbuilt Apps which makes you feel WOW!!. You can use this product for business, agriculture, education, forest department and in many more. So I suggest you to go with this product why because they provide best customer support too.

How collaboration devices can help to improve your group productivity?

  • As I wrote above, by using collaboration devices we can improve our company productivity by conducting successful meetings.
  • First of all employees will not get bored even if you run long sessions
  • No need of pen and papers, device saves each and every points which we have
  • discussed. So in future also we can open and revise all the points we discussed
  • Even you can invite remote person to join ongoing sessions by using video
  • conferencing option which is present in meeting wall device and which makes you feel like if they are in same conference room.
  • As this is new invention in market so clients and employees will watch your activities carefully
  • Very easy to use and install

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