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Choose NoSQL Databases For Enterprise And Game Applications

Choose NoSQL Databases For Enterprise And Game Applications

Choose NoSQL Databases For Enterprise And Game Applications

The web and mobile app developers today seek and rely on non-relational database management systems which is pretty trendier and serve the data base management in conformity with the ever-changing number of individuals accessing web and mobile apps. The dependency on web and mobile apps by majority of the populace has led to change in the volume, variety and velocity of data. The management of these interactive and intelligent applications has implied the use of non-relational database to a greater extent prompting NOSQL development company across the globe.

The NoSQL database system is an open source, document-oriented, schema-less database that offers the required adaptability, versatility and execution for it has a frail consistency model such that one can generously utilize it and thus support efficiency. Further, the coding is easier and faster, with no downtime even during the redesign of the application owing to its distributed nature. Rightly, it provides enterprise class solutions to the firms that demands changes in the data frequently.

Enterprise application development using Oracle NoSQL database:

The integration of NoSQL solutions with an enterprise application architecture requires manual integration and custom development. Oracle’s NoSQL Database facilitates the requirement as it is a horizontally scalable key-value data-base featuring excellent performance, tunable consistency, with a simple but powerful client API. It gives the right solution when data access is simple, but the application demands exceed the volume or latent capacity of traditional data management solutions. With its “No Single Point of Failure” architecture, the system continues to run and data remain available after any failure. Thus, NOSQL database developer(s) finds it suitable for enterprise applications.

For instance:

  • Monitor online retail behaviour, access customer profiles, pull up appropriate customers, store and forward real-time communication, and, etc., require low-latency access.
  • Click-stream data of huge websites, event process and social network communications produce heavy volumes of simple keyed data.
  • Distributed applications such as real-time sensor aggregation

Moving further, it offers ultimate solution for NoSQL game development. In case of social gaming, the number of online players are extremely large, leading to a workload characterised by high degree of writes namely item acquisition as the players achieve certain milestones during the play, avatar movement within the range of the virtual world benefitting the player choose an interactive partner; deliver new-game features; update player statistics, and, etc. And Oracle NOSQL database provides an extremely compelling solutions for all these development constraints.

NoSQL Key value stores and document databases permit the application to store for all intents with any structure it needs in a data element. The expense per gigabyte or exchange per second for NoSQL is much lesser when compared with the expense for RDBMS, permitting to store and process more information at a lower price. All these things considered, there is an increasing demand for NOSQL development services.

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