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Campaign management tools help telcos enhance efficiency

As the telecom industry gears for another year of cut-throat competition, technology enhancements have become a necessity to enhance revenues as well as subscriber base. In India there are around 9 major operators vying for a market share of the 950 million subscriber base approximately. Moreover with stringent regulations being implemented operators are looking forward to alternative sources for reducing operational cost. Campaign Management is one such area which has emerged as a tool for efficiency for the operators.

Telecom operators have a wide range of products and services, multiple verticals and different solutions for postpaid/ prepaid subscribers with the necessity to maintain all such services seamlessly and efficiently. These services and offerings not only have to be in-line with the mindset of the end consumer but also have to be contemporary. Along with the existing offerings, seasonal campaigns have to be run to maintain high interactivity amongst the consumers.

The challenge here is to create a mechanism of building awareness amongst the targeted subscriber base and then to create customized and targeted campaigns for the subscribers. These usually vary with reference to circles, regions, age segment etc. Campaign Management is a tool which can not only create such campaigns based on target segments but also effectively manage the campaign and provide data analytics for the operator in real-time.

Usually operators end up spending more on promotions that offer very little Return on Investment, as they fail to reach the right set of customers who are interested in a particular product/service. There is thus a lack of efficiency in managing these campaigns in terms of relevance of the promotion. Targeted promotions are recommended since they reach out to certain audiences, who just need a little push, such as a money-saving deal, in order to purchase a product/service. Such promotions also enhance customer stickiness by introducing new products/services for the customer to experience and get accustomed with. Hence, Telecom operators need a data driven campaign management tool that can gather subscribers’ usage intelligence and create specific targeted campaigns accordingly for competitive edge and to improve Key Performance Indicators.

The industry today needs an end-to-end campaign management tool which efficiently manages the campaign right from the Recommendation -> Creation -> Delivery -> Reporting. It is a comprehensive embodiment of Business Intelligence, Execution, Provisioning, Analysis, Tracking and Reporting. The tool brings one-stop solution capability for Telecom Operators, looking to design and execute campaigns, which can significantly improve their revenues and profitability. It comes pre-integrated with standard interfaces and also has a drag and drop style service creation environment to integrate with new nodes easily. This tool will enable operators in reaching the right kind of customers using optimal communication channels, like SMS, Voice, USSD, Web and WAP, with personalized and focused targeted campaigns thereby improving customer experience, usage and hence profitability.

The tool transforms ‘Customer Footprints’ within the network into relevant marketing information by means of classification and segmentation, to make the right decisions at the right time. Based on the identified segments and analysis of the available data, the recommendation engine suggests the best campaigns using data mining & predictive analytics, to suit their customers’ needs and behavior. In this way, the platform integrates with various network nodes to pull the logs and transaction data, analyzes the customer behavior to offer the right kind of products/services.

The Business Intelligence module has all the ingredients to help Telecom Operators to map potential users and offer promotions, which not only helps retain customers but also convert the dormant customers to active service users, which in turn helps enhance revenues. It has a comprehensive reporting platform and dashboard for the marketing executives to track the Key Performance Indicators and make the appropriate business decisions.

Going forward data analytics will play a major role for the Indian Telecom Industry. More and more data consumption on mobile phones and price hikes from operators are likely to lead to decision making through data analytics in large way. Data analytics and campaign analytics is likely to drive the next set of price points as well as revenue growth for the Indian telecom industry.

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