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Bring Your Organization’s Teamwork Up To Speed with Enterprise Collaboration Tools

A handful of common mistakes, including leading with social media technology and not aligning with business goals, often derail enterprise collaboration deployments, say users and experts.

Gone are the days when communication used to be a cakewalk in companies. You walked in the hallway to talk to your colleague or picked up the phone and banged out an email to resolve small issues. These methods have got way quaint and less effective in the soaring companies. In addition, the amount of information that employees must sift through has surged exponentially. For these burgeoning companies or organizations, the answer to those issues is “collaboration tools”.

Incepting an Enterprise Collaboration Software Initiative for the Corporate Parent:

  • Making Adoption Mandatory: Before deploying a system into use, a company needs to essentially establish a culture that spurs communication and collaboration. The technology in and of itself doesn’t make any collaborative says industry experts. Many of the social business systems provokes and enables employees to come in interaction, post status updates of ongoing projects and even gives them the ability to establish networks with external partners. But dejectedly, these platforms are no less than a conduit meant solely for communication. A collaboration tool has to be shiny and way more happening then this.

Opportunely, well designed enterprise collaboration systems simplify the communication process, which has grown more complex for employees at multiple companies due to the proliferation of remote (geographical) and global work environments, the accelerated pace of business operations and the rapidly augmenting amounts of data that workers have to contend with. It effectually encompasses the use of holistic collaboration platforms, enterprise social networking tools, a corporate intranet and the public internet.

  • Take Collaboration as a Strategic Business Goal: According to the vice president of worldwide customer engagement, prior to deploying collaboration tools, you need to leverage and analyze the requirement and business problems you need to solve.

Until and unless you have a precise understanding of how an EC platform should be aligned with the organization’s strategic goals at both corporate and business-units levels, it cannot be viewed as a useful tool.

Rolling out the Outcomes of Deploying a Cloud Collaboration System in Companies

The ability of cloud solutions to provide access to a shared database, in combination with the ease of integration with mobile and social technologies, is an acknowledged benefit of cloud. In addition to its efficiency gains, Companies have achieved an unexpected improvement in the quality of its customer service as its dispatchers gained greater insight into and knowledge of the service delivery process. And costs have become more transparent since technicians’ time can be billed to projects in near-real time.

Notably, the companies have reported major technical challenges and smoothed its implementation. The major challenge accomplished was the human element- that is the job of getting thousands of employees to leave their silos and embrace a new platform.

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