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Benefits of Hiring a Startup Lawyer For Your Business Setup

When you plan to create a startup of your own, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind from the smallest ideas to the biggest processes, everything needs to be checked off the list! One such important factor in your startup needs to be a startup lawyer. A lot of businesses choose to hire a lawyer only temporarily during the setup and then once they have setup their business completely, only then plan to hire a full time lawyer.
This practice can lead startups to miss crucial legal formalities and practices – leaving their new venture vulnerable. For best results, a startup lawyer should be hired right from the start, to guide you through the entire growth span of your company. Here’s why you need to hire a startup lawyer for your new business setup:
Protecting your company’s brand
When you hire a startup lawyer, this professional looks into all the patenting, copywriting and trademarking if any for your company’s brand name as well as the products and services that you are offering. This is extremely crucial because as your company grows, your brand name becomes more visible to the masses which ultimately results in a lot of imitation and copying which is not really inspiration based. You need to protect your company right from the start at the nascent stage itself to ensure your foundation is strong.
Website data protection
You will notice the ‘privacy policy’ document on all websites that are legal brands with copywrites, trademarks and patents. This privacy policy on your website will allow the users to understand the type of data you will collect and how you intend to use this collected data. The other important document on your website is the Terms and Conditions document which works as an online agreement between the user and you, as a brand, where you lay down the terms of use on your website. Your commercial lawyer or startup lawyer will help you will all of this information and setting up of the documents for your website.
Having a startup lawyer hired or having him/her placed as an in-house lawyer works really well for startups because this professional can look into all your contracts with the vendors, partners, employees and so on. The formation of each contract, terms and conditions and the agreement are created by this startup lawyer for you. You don’t have to waste time creating these in-house and then getting them vetted by professional lawyers when you already have a hired startup lawyer for your company!

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