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Attributes of Enterprise Security Architecture

The purpose of the enterprise architecture security is to proffer an intangible design of the infrastructure network security and other safety measures and related procedures and policies. It links the components of the security infrastructure as a cohesive unit that would protect the information of the business enterprise. This article would discuss what enterprise security infrastructure is. The infrastructure referred is the supporting components required for the functionality of the enterprise network.

Meticulous Architecture

It has been observed that organizations prefer to write their own safety management standards. This means that there is no consistent platform that is followed and adapted across varied enterprise. Since the needs of the organization fluctuate, the security management programs needs to be tailored accordingly. Every company with their bespoke information security programs should be meticulous in regards to data. The architecture would provide easy structured and organized security practices thereby saving time, resource and money. This platform is also useful in litigation or audit and reduces the security arrangements that need to be performed with each IT project.

Architectural components

Addressing all the elements is imperative for the overall security and protection of the company’s assets. What the architectural system ascertains is integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data aligning to the objectives of the business. Any breach in the protection can result in vulnerability.

Architectural Priorities

The enterprise safety program should be developed prioritizing the following sequence: people, policy and technology. The enlisted sequence is developed considering the job functionality and the business needs. Whatever policies are adapted by the business, the prioritizing sequence would enable enforcement of a secure foundation. The order may vary over time. In these cases, when the priority is not established, it is in the following order: technology, policy and then people. Technology is an overwhelming tool that can force the security personnel to expend more time in research and support and lose the business objective. The personnel are compromised in the heavy projects and stray away from the business goal. The employees associated sacrifices the business principles. This makes it apparent to conduct security checks with diligence and clear instated regulations to avoid such situations.

Social and Technical Architectural Challenges

An effective enterprise architecture security needs to be based on the defense strategies. Each different layer of the design works in tandem to provide a unified sanctuary mechanism. The layered stratagems would be beneficial, as the impact of one compromised layer does not affect the others.

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