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Amazon vs Showmax vs Netflix – these are the streaming options top South African tech people are using

Local research firm BMIT has released its Digital Lifestyle Measure (DLM) report, looking at the digital lifestyles of South Africans.

The DLM segmentation was created by BMIT in 2008 to classify consumers based on the extent of their digital lifestyles.

Consumers are scored by answering a list of questions about their personal digital activities, as well as the technologies within their household.

Each consumer then receives a total DLM score, which then indicates which of the 5 DLM segments they fall into. DLM 1 consumers are considered ‘low-tech’ consumers, while DLM 5 consumer are considered ‘high-tech’ consumers.

Over 1,500 interviews were conducted, with sample weighted against the urban population that have at least cellphone internet access.

Digital media usage

One of they key focuses of the survey was digital media usage in South Africa.

The survey found that the incidence of having DStv at home increases with DLM, from 44% of DLM 1 consumers having DStv at home, up to 63% of DLM 5 consumers having DStv at home.

In addition the type of DStv package a consumer is on is correlated with DLM, with higher DLM 5 consumers being most likely to be on Premium.

The survey found that awareness of digital streaming services also increases significantly with DLM.

While 45% of DLM 1 consumers are unaware of any digital streaming service, only 3% of DLM 5 consumers have not heard of any of them. 93% of DLM 5 are aware of Showmax, while 90% are aware of Netflix.

When comparing the usage of streaming services to DLM, the survey found that among DLM 5 consumers 62% have a Netflix subscription, while 51% have a Showmax subscription.

Upper DLM consumers were also much more likely to have all types of technology in their home, with 90% of DLM 5 consumers saying they have a home laptop, and 58% saying that they own a Smart TV.

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