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Advantages of ERP SaaS

SaaS is the most disruptive technology innovation in application software industry. Advantages of ERP SaaS are many, and provide really practical solutions to the problems companies face while investing on IT infrastructure and choosing any ERP software. Any ERP software available as subscription, remotely hosted on Internet and a browser based application maintained and managed centrally by the service provider qualifies as software as a service.

The biggest advantage of SaaS is that it is not required to install. The software is already installed at the website of SaaS service provider and user just login to access their account. These ERP softwares are available as browser based applications which are not platform dependent.

SaaS can be used at a fraction of the cost which is required to purchase, deploy and manage ERP software on its own by any company. Though few ERP software vendors have worked out pricing models which appear to be less expensive than SaaS but practically purchasing software and managing it, is far more expensive than SaaS. Apart from this company have to spend more money to get upgrades and refinements in the software at later stages, whereas advantage of ERP SaaS is that user gets a software that is managed and refined centrally and has been designed to fulfill the needs of the industry and upgrades and changes are available as and when need arises.

Another advantage of ERP SaaS is that user can change the software without worrying about the cost that has been invested in purchasing and deploying the software. If services are not satisfactory or user finds better ERP software he can terminate the present arrangement and can shift over to another solution.

Better support is another advantage of ERP SaaS. By using SaaS solution, company gets the support of the SaaS service provider who is focusing on the problem domain for many big and small companies 24 x 7, using SaaS solution is like tapping the resources of another enterprise which has knowledge and expertise in resolving the problems related to a particular domain.

The SaaS solution fits in the growth plans of the company. When a company is growing or need to expand the software can be expanded by switching on new connections without investing on infrastructure and resources and when there is no need the connections can be turned off. This prevents from company getting stuck with oversize infrastructures and resources.

ERP SaaS solutions can be opted with minimum IT infrastructure without restricting the benefits of ERP solutions. The SaaS solutions can be accessed by a simple internet connection and without hosting, managing and having own internal IT infrastructure. This is the best way of ramping up the business with minimum cost and risk.

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