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A Comparison of SAP Workflow and Paper Workflow

Overview of SAP workflow

The word “workflow” gives clear meaning that is flow of work. This flow of work may be from one person to another or in another words we can say that it is sequence of activities that arise from the exchange of information

Working scenario of SAP workflow

To make SAP workflow understandable to all we will create an example that is about “Application of Leave”. Apparently it seems a sole act but practically it is a sequence of steps that consists of the following activities.

  • At the first step the employee gets application form from office, fill all detail that is required for the approval of leave and submits this application form to the his manager. Usually the details are FROM and TO dates, the reason for applying for a leave and contact numbers.
  • It is duty of manager to examine the details of application
  • If the reason specified in application is valid, the leave can be granted otherwise leave application can be rejected.
  • In case of rejection the employees has to review the application to correct the reason for leave and has to submit the application once again.
  • Manager once again examines the application and finally approves the application

Keep in mind that this is a simple example generated to give an easy understanding to our readers but workflow is also variant. It depends on the business activities and processes. The workflow can be very complex in which many persons are involved and more than one approvals are required for completion.

We have explained a paper based workflow that has more than one disadvantages that are given below

  • In paper based work there is no easy way that can help the employee to know the status of his submitted application. Employees have to visit the manager office to get information about the status of application either application is accepted or rejected. There is no system to record the status of the system
  • In business activities all based on customer feedback survey, in case of paper work in which three persons are involved takes usually more than seven day to complete the process.
  • It is possibility that manager can take too much time to complete the task because of his busy schedule. Who knows about the correct time?
  • The cost for paper workflow is high and delay rate is also high.

Role of SAP workflow

SAP workflow gives an automated system in which tool automates the business process like the “leave application approval” for the procedure we have explained above. It is not easy for everyone to use this tool until they are qualified in SAP modules.

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