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3 Emerging Trends in HR Technology

The bonding of Human Resources with technology has come a long way and is getting stronger as time passes. Firstly, it started off with standardcustomized installations based on individual requirements, and now to cloud computing, followed by evolution of Big Data.

Let us have a look at the emerging trends in HR technology and its adoption.

  • Moving towards Mobile: Now a days more and more people are using their mobile devices to perform activities instead of using a desktop device. The key reason is that mobiles are powerful, ready-at-hand devices that provide the ability to instantly consume and submit information. Laptops feel clunky! It has now become a standard expectation that information will be available at this speed and ease! Therefore, it is necessary for the HR departments to keep up with this trend.
  • Working in the cloud: The Cloud based solutions have revolutionized all businesses. Why? Because, suddenly the monstrous capital costs of infrastructure, software, etc. have gone away and businesses can adopt a “pay as per use” model! This means also means that specialized product companies can amortize the cost of their software solutions by reaching out to a wider gamut of customers and bring in steady revenue. HR products are no exception! As and when technology or feature upgrades are available, the HR solutions are immediately upgraded and available to the organizations for use.
  • Introduction of big data: With increased digital transactions in every business, there is a spurt in data that is available. Can this data be used to analyze and help in making well-informed business decisions? Of course! That’s what Big Data really solves! It can help HR departments sift through tons of data, slice and dice it, analyze and reveal trends that will aid in arriving at business decisions that will help shape the success of the organization.


The field of human resources is a key field aiding in defining as well as driving many businesses processes required within an organization. If HR technology can be implemented efficiently, then it will be easier in making all the HR related processes as seamless as possible. It will also help in optimizing the cost to the company. Therefore, it is important that companies start adopting the above-mentioned emerging trends that can help them move forward on a consistent basis.

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